Modern-Day Slavery By the Numbers

slavery-2One of the most appalling stretches of history saw 12 million people forced into slavery and carried across the ocean to be sold. We read their stories, watch movies about their lives and shudder at the thought that something so evil actually happened. The injustice is more than we can stomach, and somewhere along the way, we try to shake the weight of that truth by reassuring ourselves that, “times have changed.” Not only have times not changed, the problem has grown.

27 Million

There are over 27 million slaves in the world today.

Just sit with that for a minute.

In an age where the Internet serves as instant communication across borders and medical advancements explode past their limits, there are 27 million slaves.

In a world that rallies behind the shared experience of the Olympics and embraces compelling, moving works of art across mediums, there are 27 million slaves.

In a world that protests injustice and fights for human rights in the streets and online, there are more than twice the number of slaves than existed during the entire trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. And they are hidden.

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