On Weakness

UN-WEB-PAGESome of you know or have heard of my friend Nicole Unice. Today, I have the honor of getting to share a couple thoughts on her blog related to weakness: It was dark outside and for once, I was actually alone in the car. I can’t remember where I was coming from or how I managed to be driving without babies in the back seat, but I can clearly remember turning into our neighborhood as the final song on Invisible Empires began to play. It had recently been given to me as a gift and I was using the ride home to scan the eleven tracks that were new to me.

As I turned the wheel to the left, a few chords came across the piano followed by these words, “I’m not every woman, it’s not all in me.” I heard myself take a quick, hard breath and I think I held it until she reached the chorus, when she sang, “I’m finite, I come to end. I’m finite, I cannot pretend.” I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved by a single line of lyrics. To say that her words pierced my heart would be an understated description of my experience. I pulled into my driveway and cried tears of heavy relief. I knew I couldn’t be everything, but that hadn’t stopped me from trying. I felt crushed under the weight of self-induced, unhealthy expectations, and with one song I was reminded of freedom.

When Nicole invited me to contribute a couple thoughts leading up to un/defined, I began to think about my limitations. If I’m going to explore the limitless possibilities of God’s greater calling on my life, I have to take a transparent look at my own weaknesses.

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