Listening for God's Voice

One of the joys we experience in childhood, although we don’t see as a gift at the time, is that decisions are made for us. What’s for dinner? Ask mom! How will the electric bill get paid this month? Ask mom! What will I be doing from September to May of next year? School…because mom said so! We love independence, but most of us can at least appreciate the idea of a person telling us which way to turn when the lines get blurry and a world that once seemed very black and white takes on a surprising shade of grey. During the years I worked in student ministries, one of the most common questions I heard asked was, “I wish I knew what God wanted me to do…how do I hear from Him?” It’s amazing to be reminded that, at the core, middle and high school students are wrestling with the same thoughts as their parents and grandparents.

As a part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, I had the opportunity to be discipled by a staff intern. She would remind me that any church leader’s job is not to give people perfect answers, but to always point them back to Jesus. That became my goal with students and it is the perspective from which I write today.

I would like to suggest four questions we should consider when seeking the voice of God...finish reading at