Life Won't Begin at Your Next Milestone

Milestone “This isn’t the real world,” they told us. High school teachers, grumpy old men at the grocery store, cynical professors and others like them assured us throughout childhood and adolescence that our real lives were waiting somewhere in the difficult future.

And while we may have not believed it was going to be harder, we did believe those younger years were prepping us for the day life would really take off. We grew with an expectancy of the next big thing; and as we progressed forward and arrived at each new milestone, we often experienced a subtle sense of disappointment rather than satisfaction.

At some point, many of us have looked around, shrugged our shoulders and thought, “this can’t be it. When I get married, finish school, buy a house, travel, then life will really begin. This is just a holding-zone, shaping me for something more.”....Join me at RELEVANT to continue reading...