5 Ways I Spoke Back to Anxiety

This is a small excerpt from a featured article I wrote for iBelieve.com. My heart was racing, my hands trembling and my breath was short and fast. No matter how deeply I inhaled, I couldn’t seem to take in enough oxygen. The headache that had started just above my neck was now wrapping around my temples. As I turned the steering wheel to drive home for lunch, I shook my left hand in an effort to knock out the tingling sensation that was encompassing my fingers.

The physiological reactions I was experiencing suggested something serious had occurred. Yet, there was no tragedy, emergency or great personal conflict. I was simply going about my day; but my body suggested something more. My mind had been telling me I was handling life’s stress with ease, but my labored breathing said certain needs were not being met. The pain radiating around my head suggested I needed a time-out; and the numbness moving up my hand told me something had to change. This was my story for several years…until I decided I had had enough. (come read the rest of the post and join the conversation at iBelieve.com!)