What Would You Say: a guest post with Matt Sanner

I'm thrilled to share the first guest post in our new series on perspectives, written by Matt Sanner. I asked Matt, "if you could go back to a specific moment or season of your life, with the perspective that you have now, what would you say to yourself?" Here is what he had to say...


That's easy.

I'd go back to when I was 9 years old, and I'd tell myself to run away from those older kids.

I'd go back to when I was 10, and I'd tell that little boy that it's OK to trust his parents enough to tell the truth.  That it's not his fault.  I'd encourage him that his family is trustworthy and safe and that he can be vulnerable with them.  I'd tell him that he doesn't need to be ashamed.

I'd go back to when I was in Bible College and tell that young man that the head-knowledge about Scripture is going to make it tougher to trust Jesus for the hard things in life.  I'd beg him to simply acknowledge the truth about his own shortcomings, and not to compensate for his failures by studying harder.  I'd let him know that his record of righteousness doesn't matter....that he's forgiven, over and over.

I'd encourage him to find a circle of men with whom he could share life, and be honest, vulnerable and weak.  To develop a habit of avoiding a secret inner life by getting thoughts, temptations and bad decisions out into the light with those guys, and to help them by being there for them.

I'd tell him to buy Microsoft at anything less than $1 per share.

I'd pull him aside on the morning of my wedding and congratulate him on one of the best choices he would ever make.  But I'd remind him that he will hurt her badly, and she will hurt him, but to cling to each other anyway, and to throw himself into the arms of the Father.  I'd tell him to pray for her when she feels like an enemy.

I'd let him know that the doctors are wrong, and that the baby girl will be healthy and full of life.

And then, just for fun, I think I'd just show up at random times, smile, and say "Beware the penguin."  Just to mess with him, er, me, or myself....the whole time-travel thing gets confusing.

If I were allowed to just pop in at various times, I'd beat one message into his/my head: "You are weak.  Stay weak.  Admit it often.  Trust in Him.  He knows you deep-down, He loves you, He is good and you can trust Him."


matt-sannerAbout Matt: "I am an eclectic mix of head and heart. I love geeky computer stuff, God, vampire shows and worship music. My brain is full of stuff about video gaming, data analysis and internet marketing. My heart is full of family, relationships, and following Christ. Mattsalad.com is about 'head and heart, tossed together and served up fresh!'" Read more!


What advice would YOU give to yourself?