My Little Mr. Darcy

IMG_3967There have been many moments that took my breathe away and stole my heart since becoming a mother.  The hours spent with sleeping newborn on my chest the morning after he was born...the moment he smiled back at me...the first time he ran to hug many slices of time when my heart became his even more. Last week put me over the top though.  It was one of the sweetest moments we have shared yet and it is a memory I hope to carry with me for the rest of my years.

BJ was working from home and the rain coming down outside encouraged me to take advantage of Ian's nap by having a little "mom-time" on the couch.  It seemed like the perfect day for a Jane Austen movie.  The two-year-old who never sleeps woke up half way through and came out into the living room during a dance scene.  If you've seen Jane Austen movies, you know that there is always at least one dance.  While each dance is different, the beginning is always the same.  The men stand across the room from the women and take a step forward with their hands stretched out in invitation.  The women take their hands and everyone is off.  My tony boy stood there and studied the screen.  After a few moments of observation, he came over to the couch and offered me his hand.

"What is it buddy?" I asked cluelessly.

He stood there with a smile on his face and his hand out confidently until I caught on.  I put my hand in his...he tugged on my arm to get me to my feet.  And we danced.  We spun around the room, jumped in circles and spun around again. I was overwhelmed and could hardly speak due to an abundance of emotions.  Writing it now brings back a swell of tears.  This moment stands as one of the sweetest encounters I have ever had with my son.

Next month, we will bring home our second baby boy.  There is a typical reaction I've come to expect when people ask if we are having a boy or a girl.  More often than not, they appear slightly disappointed and say something like, "aww, well keep going until you get a girl too."  I understand why they feel this way, but I wish I could sit with each of them tell them this story.  I want to assure them that I am thrilled, honored and blessed to be the mother of boys.

Lord willing, we aren't done having kids.  My dreams of a big family spread around a large farm table one day are alive and hopeful!  I would love to have a daughter in the future, but my heart is full with my boys regardless.  Being the mother of boys is an incredible gift full of complete exhaustion, wonderful humor and tender moments.  I look forward to many years of living in a house of tiny train conductors, artists, construction workers, drummers, and dancers.